Ninja Forms Configuration

In order for the listing author to receive the notification email a few things need to be configured.

The first step is to create a new field on the form you wish to use. We need to create a hidden field. Add the field like a standard Ninja Form field. Once the field is added, please configure to the following settings:

Ninja Forms THREE

Use a custom merge tag to retrieve the value of the current listing or candidate email.

Field Settings

Field Label: Contact Email
Default Value: {contact-email}

Notification Settings

Assign the “To” field of your email notification to the hidden field you created in the previous step.

Ninja Forms 2.9.x

It is recommended that you use the latest version of Ninja Forms.

Field Settings

Field Label: Listing ID
Default Value: Post/Page ID (if available)

It is very important that the Field Label value is exactly Listing ID — the email will not be properly routed otherwise.

Notification Settings

You must create a separate email notification that will be sent to the listing owner. You can use the default Ninja Form email notification but you need to change the “To” field value to the following:

To: [email protected]

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