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Say hello to the world's easiest way to sell digital downloads through WordPress for free Easy Digital Downloads is what will transform your site from a standard blog to a fully functional eCommerce website.

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Marketify is meant to integrate with Easy Digital Downloads as seamlessly as possible so there is no "guide" for configuration. We highly recommend you visit each page in  Downloads > Settings and look over each option to configure your store exactly how you want.


Extensions Payment Gateways

To extend the functionality of Easy Digital Downloads even more, there are dozens of  extensions that can be added to your website.

While no extensions are required to run your eCommerce store, we highly recommend checking out your options as almost any functionality you want has already been created.

† Note: There may be some compatibility limitations with certain extensions. If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing.


  • [download_history] - You can show a user’s product purchase history by placing the [download_history] short code in any WordPress page.
  • [edd_receipt] - After completing a purchase, the complete details of the purchase can be displayed to the customer with the short code.
  • [edd_profile_editor] - The form allows users to change their first and last name, their email, their display name, and also their account password.
  • [edd_login] - If you wish to display a login form for users that have created an account during registration (or any other time), Easy Digital Downloads includes a short code for doing so.
  • [edd_register] - You can allow user's to create an account on your website before they purchase a product with this shortcode, example shown here.
  • [download_discounts] - If you wish to create a promotional section of your website for showing off the currently available discount codes you have, you can use the [download_discounts] short code.
  • [downloads] - You can easily output a list or grid of downloadable products using the [downloads] short code. This short code accepts a variety of parameters that allow you to specify what downloads are displayed, and how they are displayed.
  • [download_cart] - The shopping cart can be shown on any post or page with the [download_cart] short code. Each item in the shopping cart will be listed, along with a remove link to remove any item from the cart.
  • [download_checkout] - The [download_checkout] short code is used to display the checkout form on a page. This short code will show the contents of the shopping cart, as well as the form (for email, name, etc) for purchasing the digital products.
  • [purchase_history] - You can show a user’s complete purchase history by placing the [purchase_history] short code in any WordPress page.
  • [purchase_link] - The [purchase_link] short code is used to display to purchase button to any download anywhere your site. The button / link that is outputted will add the specified digital product to the shopping cart.

Last updated on June 29, 2014